Cooking Lessons (Kerala Syrian Christian Recipes)

April 2, 2019

Riverdale Homestay at Aymanam Aymanam village offers a variety of traditional Syrian Christian dishes with the flavor and aroma of spices and coconut. Your host tries to incorporate farm fresh organic food as much as possible. Mrs. Chitra Philip, will be delighted to show you how your food is prepared in our traditional kitchen and will share with you the recipes, tips and culinary arts. Also, you will enjoy daily yoga practice and Ayurveda massages. The homestay is situated in the backwater village in Kerala, India,

For many, it may not be known that, Christianity arrived in Kerala about 2000 years back with the arrival of St. Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles, in 52 AD. The long history of the Christian community in Kerala is rich and splendid. Syrian Christians, were known by various names including Saint Thomas Christians, Syrian Christians, and Nasrani, has evolved a distinctive culture that’s influenced by both Jewish and Hindu traditions. The culinary tradition of Syrian Christians are distinct & still in practice among this community. The culinary traditions of this culture shall be demonstrated by talented Cooking demonstrator Mrs. Chitra Philip, from well known ancient Syrian Christian family in Kerala, India..

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