Village tourism experience

April 7, 2020

Sometimes the most rewarding experiences in travel come when you interact with locals and get a keep into their life style. Village experiences are the best way to get off the tourist track and try something new. Some incredible experiences like fishing, buying local products, and trying freshly brewed Toddy tapped from the coconut tree or delectable cuisine at village home will make way for some memorable moments.

Responsible Tourism Mission in Kerala is the Government agency initiated the village life experience in Kerala tourism sector.. This concept was developed to protect the tradition, native crafts / arts, and the village life style of Kerala. The aim of this idea is to encourage the participation of village folks for tourism development activities and to supporting farmers, small-scale entrepreneurs, traditional artisans etc. Village tourism in Kerala is unique because it provides tourists a chance to experience the traditional life in the villages and interact with the villagers. Tourism entrepreneurs offering different options & packages for the tourists such as visits to agricultural areas learn traditional fishing techniques, visit to handloom textile weaving units, participate in cultural activities etc. The villages in Kerala offer a feast to the eyes of the travelers by way of its panoramic view of the villages, learn the lifestyle of villagers, culinary activities etc.

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